Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In your mind,you just have small brother.

yeah, he did very well in upsr.

and me and brother?

are we just take from rubbish?

you want me back on 11pm,

ok i try to go home.

sometime friends need us stay for awhile for something

it will take 15 minute to finish.

you say me late for 30 minute.

what the hell you want.

i take 15 minute for drive i want safe.

you want me be initial D?

are you caring my safety?

if no please just don't care me again.

you want me back early , but you don't care my safety.

don't let me go out again?

sorry , you keep my car keys i just sit teksi.

what my brother did i will did it to you.

you just say care me , but you din do it.

i hate this broken promises.

just leave me alone.

or else i just skip class

this is what you did to me.

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