Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Awesome Giving away from SHOPONBLOG!

I posting about someone giving away . Guess Who it is? is Shoponblog !

Yeah their are choosing 5 Bloggers to win her giving away. I super excited and i wish i could win it .

Their are 5 things shoponblog giving away that is

1. Dolly Wink Mascara (Long)

2 . Eyemanzing No.003
3. Melliesh 02 and 04

This is Melliesh 04

And this is Melliesh 02

And the last giving away item is

Is Candy Doll Carrot Orange !!!!!

Okay , Why i so excited to this because malaysia is hard to get this item !
and yah , if malaysia selling , the price is damn expensive .

This 5 items is my love , why?

i love make up alot !
Just wish to get one that is enough :)

Anything you can try to email to Shoponblog :

That all i post for today :)