Thursday, October 7, 2010

I wanna be

I wanna be camera collector.

i have my 3 dream camera.

i wish i have it
this is Canon G12 .just release in malaysia
this is pentax , that have around 80 + different colour .this is Fujifilm mini instant 25 limited white.

this 3 different camera is my Fav . i really fall in love in camera.

however, i do alot of research about the camera.

if i wanna get my 1st camera,

i get Canon , maybe G11 or EOS series.

it is because G12 alot of function are not really good .

Now is time to save money and do part time job *still finding*

hope i can get next year before Chinese new year :(

hopefully i get it !

If i have a rich boyfriend .....dream on :'''''''((((((((((