Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Thursday :D with no class

Today i wake up at 8.30am.

i suppose to wake up at 9.30am , cause just a injection no need to wake up early

so i using 15min to reach college, that means 9.45 reach college and using 3 minute to parking

so i waiting for 45 minute to wait my turn to inject.

im not scare of it, why?

cause last year i injection for 4 times a year.

that why injection just a small case -.-

after that ,

i found something after my injection . is time to buy ah lai birthday present.

i sms to angel going her house and discuss about the present.

i stay her house for few hours

than bring her for lunch in sri petaling secret recipe.

we waiting for gyn coming than go mid valley buy ah lai present , angel ALDO and my SASA stuff

wow that time sasa gonna close lucky i finally buy my lower fake eye lash :D

thank god :D

that some discount for the lower fake eyelashes :D
2 lower fake eye lashes it cost RM30

wow so cheap i can use for 2 month :D

and also angel exchange Schwarzkopf Spray with me . cause she need Schwarzkopf Mousse.*some more is pink *

Today No class and tomorrow no need so early wake up :D happy ;)

p.s:'Bitch fuck off, Friend come over to me :D Can't wait for the Partay Time xD and i found something in my inbox , someone say her inbox got 1000+? how about me? in one week?'

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