Sunday, July 25, 2010


I suddenly saw a post from someone in facebook
i totally agree what he say !

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What is friends?

When you have trouble , i going to help you and solve it .

When i have problem? are you coming to solve me? or caring me?

Yes? No?

I know you more than him ,

But You trust him more than me.

and a word appear on my mind , 'Disappointed'.

Fine. If you doing that , go ahead.

Our friendship is END .


Another case.

new Besties?

Wow how about angel?

Are you Forgotten her?

Your best friend since form 2

After college life forget everything in SMSS?

Wow that great !

Wanna give you 'Lost Memory Award'

Your case i don't care

What you did to me i still remember.

Phone ! you make my phone confiscated.

and i help you to take care of it. and never be confiscate

But you betrayed me .!

Sorry to you and take back old things and talk again.

cause what i want is revenge :)


Although i just know some Friend just few month ,

i know she wont betray me.

and her too,

know her since form 2

i thought she did everything,

actually is someone shirk responsibility to her

don't think i don't know

many things happen in our friendship.

till now we still friend ,

hang out, shopping, movie , yumcha

she change a lot.

Maybe someone change her many.

you know who you are


i gonna off soon

end my writing


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