Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watching captain America this afternoon ! Awesome movie ! The guy which is skinny change to the muscle guy :o Awwwwww ! I wish my boyfriend is like this :D and yeah today I take leave , something urgent have to off :( and yesterday also my last day . So I will miss you guys :"( ! And this coming Wednesday I flying to china , is time to relax after my intern since I never go trip+working for a year . I must grab alot of stuff to malaysia :D shopping is my hobby and cosmetic is my addiction ! I spend alot in my cosmetic today . Almost broke ! Well mum start nagging me where to study after my diploma ? I was like huh ? I haven start my sems 3 yet and she start nag nag nag ! And asking about my cosmetic @@. Mum : do you have any place to keep your cosmetic ? Since your room full of nonsense stuff . Good point mum good point ! I plan to buy a transparent box is like acrylic . Its look nice but ...... I have to save money to buy few ! It cost me 120bucks ? For a box ? Argggg plan to how to get money . ASAP ! I wish I can donate some cosmetic who I not using anymore to my cousin . Okay I just gv it all to them that I'm not use . That all for today :)

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