Friday, August 5, 2011

Ps : im not posting about you , don't so perasan .

Yeah , what a fuckin day dying without reason. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME!
seriously , it happen at this afternoon?
Isn't it i have to go temple for mary go round ? *chinese name as 转运*

I just telling myself FINE FINE FINE !
im used to it !

Betray ? Backstad ? Used?

Hello friend do you have another things to play ?
Like Kill me? Kiss me? or Knock me?

Im not trying to call you bitch , why? because you are?
I try to ask you what happen ? and you din even reply?
you think you are what? AngelaBaby or Xiaxue?

Please look at the mirror before you say about me.
You damn fucking cheap let people fuck like a slut bitch SEX with the doggy on the road.

YAYA . i know my english not good but i still have to post .
Im not trying to broke your secret, if one day you wanna friend with me .
Please go toilet bowl water reflect to your face how BLUR are you .

that time i think is too late to apologize.

the last things is . 'Get a Life , Bitch' :)

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