Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is quite LONG never post about my life style . and i kinda lazy to post actually . Well , today i going to post about my BABE . I knew her for 9 month. Yes and today is her birthday too .

Babe ! i treat you really good friend , is kinda hurt when you scold me that time . BUT i never give up , i try to contact you i try to find you . but Some bitch tell me dont try to contact you anymore . Cause she tell me , i treat you as sister , but you just ignore and backstab me . After few month , i follow you back in twitter . i thought you wont care about me anymore , i cant believe you find me back .

Isn't it is miracle ?

And i wanna tell you Happy Birthday to you Babe <3

And i sing a song for you too . but my sound are SUCKS !
i know that :(

And this is first time i sing to my friend too :x !
How lucky are you BABE !

Well i just wish you happy Birthday .
Stop emo-ing <3

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