Friday, June 3, 2011

Stop 3 month night life :(

I going to stop my nightlife for three month
Actually today should go Melaka Extreme Wet Party !
But because my Babe Tata have to back her hometown in urgent
so yah , no wet wet :(

Next week going to start my training !
Im so excited !
At first i dunno what to do there .
Feel so lonely ! i going to stay with Ray in morning shift
well morning shift? 7am?
Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Yeah , there is happening in zouk yesterday !
i first time when there got alot ferrari , Lambo ,porsche and etc etc nice sportcar!
and also we meet singapore actress Tracy Lee mei ling :) *nice to meet to you *
she quite famous , if you watch singapore drama , you should know her
we play we drink together ,
my Babe say i can regconize her , she say i so pro . Not only know actor and say i know about car , song lyrics and blah blah blah !:D
Yah , i know her but i dunno her name , just familiar !

is 9.30pm now ! i wanna go mist :(
i miss Zouk alot , and i wanna drunk right now ,
i kinda miss you William C
i just keep it secretly , put your name as Bag man :)
because your eyebag is damn big so i just call u Bag man .
Just wanna tell you that i miss you alot from we know each other .
so glad to see you yesterday , im so statisfaction now :D

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