Thursday, March 31, 2011

Short post

I been 4 month never post any single blog .

Because lazy posting something .

and i just have a simple life LIKE everyday eat , shopping , TV and movie

That all .

Next monday is my sems 3 and i going to miss my coursemate

and my holiday going to end soon


well , i tgt with you 6 days ,

and i dont know why i need 1 month to recover

after we broke up

just few day you together with other girl that i know?

well i just dont think too much .

good luck to u and her .

break up i will celebrate with the girl xDD



i just got my result 2 days ago

my mum decide buy me something

so i just tell her buy me camera :D

DSLR ? or lumix GF2?

hmmm i wanna have DSLR but is too big for me bringing somewhere

Lumix GF2 i dunno their function issit okay.

so when i going to camera shop just ask la



and soo i start my clubbing life

My miss tata bring me go syooookkk

HAHA next saturday or friday going to mist or maison <3


i think this year is my luckiesss one

I knew alot of friend and i start my kip fit life <3

BECAUSE i wanna get RM10K


money minded ! $.$


and i start my twitter LIFE too ! its awesome !

Today is april Fool

wish everyone have a best year !

the end

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